About Us

PictureCafe is the heart of Potchefstroom. You can see our work everywhere, from the NWU to small businesses and loving homes!
Our team consists of 3 photographers. We cover every genre you can think about. We are passionate and focused.

Meet our team!


Delene is our sweet, calm and collected photographer. She has the patience to deal with anything from a newborn baby crying for hours or even a terrible two!

Delene is a very down to earth photographer who’ll make your whole family feel at ease in seconds. She’ll be there for you from your maternity shoot to your baby’s first birthday cake smash!

  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Cake Smash
  • Kids & Toddlers
  • Family shoots
  • Couple shoots
  • Engagement shoots
  • Weddings


Barco is our serious photographer. Although he is serious, he’ll make you feel at ease and isn’t afraid to make a joke to make you laugh! You can book all your corporate shoots with him and be guaranteed a smile on your face when you receive the final product. He is also very handy with drone, interior, and architectural photos. Want to update your website photos, product photos, and corporate photos? Just call Barco to do the job perfectly!

  • Corporate shoots
  • Product shoots
  • Sport shoots
  • Drone
  • Interior & Architectural shoots
  • Wildlife shoots
  • Automobile shoots
  • Event shoots
  • Videography


Do you want to have fun and out of the box photos? Johann is our fun and quirky photographer. He love taking photos of models, fun group shots and those photos you wouldn’t normally think you can pull off.

His passion for anything creative is inspiring. When you book a shoot with him, expect the unexpected and we’ll promise you that you’ll love the outcome!

  • Model shoots
  • Group shoots
  • Artistic nude shoots
  • Boudior shoots
  • Dance shoots
  • Event shoots
  • Couple shoots
  • Engagement shoots
  • Weddings
  • Videography